Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We'll Be Alright

We are not but we will not be selfish and deny you that peace.

We are in shock, and although that day will come when we can look back and smile at what happened, we know that the void you left will be very difficult to fill.

I still get mad at myself for not visiting you when I heard that you are not well. For two years, I promised over the phone that I'd come and visit but I never did. I was being treated, too and I felt that us being together would depress not only us but those around us.

But everyone was so upbeat when your Mom announced that you are healed. Going back to the States your Mom, beaming, yelled. We all cheered but still, I did not come to see you. But the news that you got well uplifted my spirit and gave me hope.

But the cheering died in a matter of two months. Shocking development, this time I did not procrastinate, I went to you as fast as I can. I expected the worst but still it was sad seeing you suffer that much.

Your Mom would/should be mad at me if she learns that I immediately prayed to God to take you immediately. You did not deserve that kind of suffering.

You were a good girl, my dear niece. From the time you were born to your last breath, people think of you as an angel.

And that is why you are being missed.

I hope I was a good uncle to you.

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