Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Own Fairy Tale

Our park,is no longer the way it used to be. Just like us.
But it will always be there. Just like us.

Once upon a time, I thought we'll have our own  "and they live happily ever after"

@Next thing you know
It's July
And it's raining
You begin to remember what 
it feels like to love
a boy who treated you 
like you were a rose
in a field full of
wilted daisies
too bad 
he started watering
them with his truth 
that made you cry

It was crazy of me to have entertained
such notion but I've no regrets
For isn't it true that
Tis better to have loved and lost
than to never have met and loved you
At all.

@inspired by an essay the author of which I failed to take note of. sorry about that but if you are the author, please feel free to call my attention so I can credit you properly.

to the followers/readers of my blog, regret that my schedule does not permit to write now. Thanks, however, for visiting my blog.


  1. Sir, lagi ako dumadaan sa blog mo. Hindi pedeng hindi. Part na xa ng everyday routine. Hehe sana magkaroon ka na ng free time. Miss na namin ang iyong mga kwento. Especially your love stories. God bless. ÜüüÜ

  2. Hi Gaston!

    Ok lang. I believe all your readers are willing to wait, including me! ;) and I gotta say this... my partner and I consider this park as "ours" too. We just celebrated our 12th year of being together. Happy holidays to you and to all all your readers!


  3. Gaston hi. Merry xmas in advance... We miss you here on this site and your writings as well. Hope to see uniform stories again whenever you are available. Thanks