Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pain must never be a reason to stop you from loving

I blogged to express my thoughts. Thoughts that I cannot share with people who will not understand me. How I wish that I could come out in the open with these people who are very dear to me but I do not like to be burdened with their sadness so I chose to be happy with the people who can be happy with me - even if anonymously only. I am pretty sure that some know-it-all will say, ano bang paki mo kung hindi sila masaya sa happiness mo? But life is not just being about "me" or "I" alone. Life is all about co-existing, too and if it will not hurt you too much to have a secret life that you know will make another person unhappy, then have a secret life. That is not being a saint - that is being intelligent, hahaha.

When I blogged, I never expected that my readers will share the feelings that I felt with the stories that I wrote, specially the intimates ones - these stories are the least read but get the most feedbacks - that only goes to show that we are not just about sex, we are also very much into emotions.

This is a conversation I had with one of "U"s. I can understand his thoughts for that is almost universal to us. And I am sharing this with you because I believe that sharing is a step to understanding. For when one understands, he can be less afraid.

 I cant imagine myself into that situation of letting someone i love go. I've never been into that kind of relationship, or i am not lucky as you are, but i happen to fall also for my bestfriend but he does not know it, and i did not tell him (magpapari kc). I don't have the courage eh, but know the feeling ung sakit n di nmn mawawala ng pag inom ng over the counter medicine, its been 10 years n din and that is the reason why i dont want to fall inlove kc i cant deal with pain, sabi nga sa movie "pain demands to be felt". Pero i dont want to feel it. Lalo cguro sa part mo that aris is once yours but found another one. And here i am right now feeling that is the same as my situation hahahaha, now being sentimental again. But then reading it i realized i still have emotion kc i still feel pain. I thought i totally remove it from my system. I wanted too cause it makes me feel weak. And dont want that strange feeling kya i try too eliminate love as part of my life.yan napahaba n hahahaha, anyways sana more story pa, and hopefully in part 6 nadun ung ways how you cope with th depression and hurt, and how you and aris at the present times interact..salamat.

Dear Ricky,

All I can say is that pain must never be a reason to stay away from loving. From 1997 to 2007 wala akong ginawa kundi umiwad magmahal, totoo safe ka sa sama ng loob pero napaka-boring na buhay. All you can see is black and white. E ang dami pa namang magagandang kulay na ang sarap titigan.

Jumping from one bed to another is only fun when you are young. As you grow older and you realize that being alone is no fun, you'll long for that security of a warm and sincere embrace, that kind of embrace that no money can buy.

I will assume that you are still young. And that you are still finding your place in the sun. Go and enjoy but find time to find someone special. Take your time. Love will always be around the corner waiting. If you find someone special, be honest. Kesa sumabog ang utak mo thinking of the "what ifs" tell that someone of your intention. Malay mo, but if you didn't get the result you wanted, go on and hurt then heal. After all, life is a never ending search. You will find your pot of gold one day. But that will only happen, if you search for it. Have a happy life. Mwah. Mwah.

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