Saturday, April 26, 2014


Finally, got my new Pro so I can start writing again.

For that story that I am editing, please wait. I will post your story once I have my old Pro repaired and contents transferred to my new notebook.

Thanks for being visiting my site. I hope I can still find that inspiration to write again, It is difficult to write when your heart is hurting....


  1. Hi! Pwede magrequest ng story? Yung plot is may isang gwapo at chinitong basketball player nirape or minolestya siya habang lasing siya ng isang gay? Para iba naman. Salamat! =)

    1. Pasensiya na ha, I can only write what I experienced. The others will have to come from contributors.

      To those who sent me stories to post, please resend. Di na ma-retrieve yung old files sa computer.

  2. Thanks for writing stories. I have read your stories and i enjoyed every bit of details and nuances. Maybe the more you will be inspired to write because you are hurting. As F. Sionel Jose said, "in order to be a good writer, you have to fall in love and be hurt". Maybe from now on, you can write the saddest lines and the happiest thought and of course the lust that goes with it...

  3. pwede ba yung another different varieties of uniformed men......

  4. please yung DALIAN MO HABANG WALA ANG ASAWA KO; SEX WITH MY STEPFATHER POLICE; AND ALL UNIFORMED MEN from all walks of life.. thanks.. congrats meron ka na ring macbook pro..