Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebrity Crush - Edric Mendoza (the cutest male newscaster)

Two weeks in his job and he was voted as cutest male newscaster.  And who wouldn't be charmed by this boyish-looking guy with a Close-Up smile.  Plus he proved that one does not need to disrobe to be desirable.

Married and soon to be a father of five, it is not difficult to fall for this guy.  As his wife shared - “When I first saw Edric, I thought this guy’s cute, good-looking. He was a campus crush!”  E kung babae nga kilig na kilig sa kanya, ako a kaya who can only sigh from a distance.  A combination of good looks, brain and gift of gab makes this man a winner in every way.

PS - what makes him really appealing?

well from what I read he is a good family man (additional pogi point) and he is not a know-it-all guy (super additional mega pogi point).  It is kind of boring and tiring watching those other ANC newscasters - very generic in that they all try to sound a jack of all trade while showing that they are a master of none - this one is not afraid to show that he doesn't know everything.  I was watching him nga with Zeny Maglaya of DTI and together they made an interesting presentation about consumer's right.  I like the way he was leading Ms. Maglaya which made their presentation not too academic and easy to understand.

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