Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Beki Chronicles: Gay Soap Opera Catches Attention of Philippine Bishops

 I don't know if this is the best soap opera right now or the most viewed TV program (am sure the Kapamilyas will have a lot to say about that) but there is no denying that this show has captured the imagination of the Pinoy viewers even getting the attention of the church.

For me, although I have not seen an episode, am very glad that GMA7 took a very brave step to air this drama and I am very thankful for this show because I sincerely believe that the drama is helping the heterosexuals see another facet of a gay person.

When I heard my mom say "pwede pa la yun, kala ko kalaswaan lang ang alam nila" I know it is a small step that will eventually turn into acceptance.

Still, I cannot bring myself to watch this show. Watching the teasers, especially the one where Tom was saying I Love You to Carla over the phone when he was actually addressing Dennis, make me miserable as it is very similar to my case. I came first to my BF's life but when he marries his GF I know I will be the first to leave the relationship, too, even if he always say there is no need to part ways.

Alam ko marami ng nagbago sa mundo, uso na ang sharing sa lahat ng bagay but still I know that I cannot bring myself to be the number two. That would be too demeaning and disrespecting.


  1. Di ko pa rin napapanuod... wala na kasi kaming hilig manuod sa TV haha.

    Anyway, do you know tiggah and his partner? Filipino sila though nakatira sila sa US. Recently his bf proposes to him and they were now engage. More than 10 years na din ang relationship nila. Inspiring para sakin ang life nila.

    May site sya sa

    1. am not also a TV guy altho pag nanood ako more on tennis or NBA kasi addict ako sa sports. thanks for the info, tignan ko yang site na sinabi mo. More than ten years, my college BF and I lasted ten years but nagpart ways pa rin - reason? babae. My current, six years na pero mukhang di na rin magtatagal. Reason? You got it right - babae pa rin.

  2. oh my... I love this soap...

    na-imber ako sa cbcp...feeling ko, they are watching it and they're feeling something kaya hate tingin mo?

    im just curious kung paano masu-sustain ng 'My Huband's Lover' ang magandang storyline...

  3. I watch it every night. Kapamilya ako, pero this one is worth watching. Pero tama ka, pag nanunuod ako nakakaramdam ako ng sadness. Kasi nakikita ko ang sarili ko sa kanila. Yung pain, struggles ng isang bakla. Totoong totoo. Sana nga, Straight people will see gay men in different light while watching this soap.

  4. gnda ng story un lng npaemo ako s mga sad part. . :-(

    skn bhala n bsta mahal ko ung tao