Sunday, February 24, 2013

Whose Yours?

Over bottles of wines and beers, my friends and I were discussing who were their crushes past and present among the local celebrities.

The names of Lovi Poe, Cristine Reyes, Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual, Donaire, James Yap, members of the football and rugby teams came up.

My list?  Here they are:))  

I think I was six when I first saw Tirso Cruz III while he was in Baguio shooting Magandang Gabi sa Inyong Lahat.  I did not understand my feelings then but I think he was one of my early crushes.  One of the few who aged nicely.

Kala ko nga makakaswerte, one time I saw him in a public toilet, hahaha, he went inside a cubicle, ang corny.

Long before Angelina Jolie there was Gloria Diaz with her naughty smile and pouty lips.  That lips that brings to mind a thousand and more dirty thoughts.  And who could forget her wet look and her bouncing bosom in the movie Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa."  I think I was eleven when I saw a VHS copy being played in the neighborhood and I got hooked on her since then.

One of two women who was a part of my youth's fantasies.

Atom Araullo - beauty and brain, male version.  Saw him once in UP, whew, he is really a nice sight to behold.  Dami atang nanliligaw sa kanya sa ABS-CBN, gays and gurls included.  Hindi na nakakapagtaka kung totoo.

At the height of the Toyota-Crispa, I was Toyota die-hard.  To this day, my all-time favorite remains to be Ramon Fernandez, who to my mind, is still the best all-around player to have ever played in the PBA.

But favorites and crushes are two different things.  Besides having this big thing for Chinese looking guy, the smile plastered on Atoy Co's face is a big testament on why it is easy to like this guy. I remember having dinner at Italianni's in Greenbelt when in came Atoy and another favorite, Philip Cezar.  Without any second thought, I took my Nokia - remember the first phone with a camera and begged the waiter to secretly take his picture.  To my surprise, the waiter returned and asked if I would want to have a picture taken with him.  Plus 10 pogi points for that alone.

The 80s was all about Gabby and William with Albert as a poor third.  But I found him more interesting then than those two.  My interest in him peaked when he came back and starred in several sexy movies.  Of course, he served as my inspiration whenever I felt the need to masturbate.

I remember how frightened we were secretly keeping/circulating photocopies of her Playboy spread.  It was still Martial Law and x-rated reading materials were not being sold nor read in the open.  When we were in HS, it was an open secret amongst us boys in our section who masturbated because of Techie Agbayani.  We pasted her picture in the toilet, and one by one, we'd take our turn going in the toilet as we beat our cock as fast as we can.  We only have an hour to do so - we'd slip one by one during our HEKASI period when our teacher would just come, check our attendance, give us our seatwork (style UP she would say, style tamad we'd counter) then leave the classroom.  Of course, the picture would be gone in the afternoon, nahuli na ng janitor hehehe, only to be replaced by another photocopy the following week.

I started to take notice of Robin Padilla when he partnered with Sharon Cuneta and his first movie with Regine Velasquez sealed my liking of him. Gwapo pala.  Kinilig ako ng husto sa pelikula ni Regine and there were many times that I wish I was the leading lady in that movie, ha ha ha ha.  One of the very few Pinoy movies I have in my collection, pag gusto kong kiligin, pasok ko lang sa DVD ang pelikulang ito and I start fantasizing that I am Regine. Weird pero totoo.  Robin is my peg for my ideal man, well, at least the way he portrays himself in the movies.  Well to be able to win the heart of Sharon and Kris, he must be something special.

I first saw Piolo at Greenbelt.  Since I was always staying late in the office, I didn't know why people were milling around the place where he was dining.  I asked my office mates and they said he was the sneaky Brian in Esperanza, one of my most hated movie shows.  I hated it in the same manner that I hated Mara Clara, kasi, in the very few instances that I'd come home early, I cannot change channel.  My Mom is glued on the ONLY TV we have in the house.  I did not like him at first, he would smile at the fans waving at him but it seems his heart was not into it.  Pero ha, he is very gwapo in person, ang lakas ng appeal.  Ang dami ng tsismis about him but Piolo still sizzles.  And I think, it was right that he remained silent when rumors about his sexuality started buzzing, it made him mysterious and more desirable.

E sino naman ako para hindi ma-inlab kay Bossing.  Enuff said.  And anybody who can make me laugh gets a free pass to my libido. (Heehaw)

As I have said earlier, I have this thing for Chinese looking guys so he sure light up my eyes when I first saw him in ABS-CBN.  I thought I was seeing a Dolphy reincarnate when somebody told me that he was the son of the King of Comedy.  I have always a soft spot for Dolphy, he was John in my fave sitcom John and Marsha and I would always imagine him to be my father given the lukewarm relationship I had with my father.  And I found the young Dolphy quite attractive in his Sampaguita days so when I saw the striking resemblance between the father and son, he became an immediate idol and later a crush.

and finally,

one unnamed young man.  I will not name him because he is still a minor and this is an adult site where it is a free for all.  When I first saw this young man joined a singing contest for kids, this is the exact words I told my dearest friend - "ang cute naman ng batang yan.  Willing akong hintayin yan, promise."  I think he was just five or six years old at that time.  He is not handsome the way some of our matinee idols are, he looks very Pinoy, but there, I think, lies his appeal. Well, I hope he grows to be a fine, young man.


one unnamed basketball player - he was my first celebrity crush.  I was 12 when I first saw him and it was during that meeting that I got to confirmed with myself that I have feelings for the same sex.  Then I saw him again when I was 15, when as a contributing writer to our school paper, I covered the NCR meet at the Rizal Sports Complex.  It was funny, our next  meeting. I was peeing in the toilet when two men clad in barong said to someone outside of the toilet that there's someone in the toilet (that was me).  He came and smiled at me then proceeded to the stall next to me.

I was starstruck.  I was a boy of 6 but already a basketball addict and nine years later, here I was standing next to my idol.  I can no longer contain my eagerness to introduce myself so when I finished peeing I told him that I was a fan since the MICAA days and that I would be very pleased to take his picture.  He was very accomodating and without a thought, extended his hands to shake mine.  I immediately grab his hand but in doing so he unintentionally exposed himself to me.  Whew, to see his manhood, that was a bonus.  When he finished urinating, he called his bodyguards (I would assume they were) and told them to take our picture right there in the toilet.  Ha ha ha one of my treasured mementos was actually taken inside a public toilet, right in the Rizal Coliseum.


  1. naging kaklase ko si atom sa isa sa mga subjects ko sa UP, lagi ko siyang tinitignan ng palihim. hahaha