Monday, February 18, 2013

A Very short, short note

Morning, February 19, 2013, I just came home, tired. Needed to stay in the office to finish some reports.  Just when I was about to take a quick nap, I heard our front door bell rang and sure enough, that was for me.  After giving my my niece the eye, I went down to meet the bwisitors.

"Manong, kanina ka pa namin hinihintay.  Eto" he handed me a piece of paper "Wag mong kalilimutan ha"

"Kris" another one handing me a list of names.

I turned my back and went to look for my niece.  "You woke me up for this?" I glared while handing her the papers my neighbors gave me.

Election time.  This is one period of my life that I wish I am not a Pinoy.  Last night, I caught a glimpse of the Lim vs Moreno drama, thank goodness for the remote control.

I am sure that Lim and Moreno encounter splattered on the front page of the leading newspapers will not be the last.  There will be more to annoy me.  But I wonder for the nth time why people of repute (he he he he) fight for a position that doesn't even pay well.  Last time I checked, my salary was a lot better than that of the President of the Philippines less the headache that an elective position carries.

I am sure I will hear the same, old promises again, but this I will assure all the candidates:

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