Sunday, January 27, 2013


My parents are from Ilocos.  Every summer, especially during the Holy Week, it has been our tradition to go home to the province so we can get to know our relatives and bond with them.  One vacation time  of so many summers ago, I was not able to go to Ilocos with my family.  There were so many things to do in our office so I told my Tatang that if I can, I'd just hop on a bus and catch with them later.

Holy Wednesday I was able to finish my task early so I went to the nearest bus station but there was no seat available. Same on the other bus stations.  There were so many people wanting to go on a vacation and there were not enough buses to take them all.  So off I went to Balintawak hoping to find an FX or other means of transport to bring me to Ilocos.  Then suddenly, a group of people ran towards a bus.  Because I heard them talking in Ilocano, I assumed that the bus was bound for Ilocos.

Luckily, I was able to get a seat at the back of the bus.  We were at Mabalacat already when the bus conductor asked for my fare.  When I told him my destination, he said the bus was bound for Baguio.  Exhausted, I told him that I would just alight at Rosario.  I was told that the fare will be computed up to Baguio. No problemo I said, I just wanted to have a vacation.

"San ka pupunta Kuya" my seatmate.

"San Ildefonso" I replied.

"Vigan" as he offered his hand for a handshake.

"Ilocano? Napuraw(maputi) ka for an Ilocano" I said.

"Half chinese, Manong"

So we were both alighting at Rosario and hop in a local transport for a connecting ride to our destination.  It was cold and we were tired so we slept until we stopped in Singson to eat.  It was here that I noticed my seatmate - looks good.  Pwede.

Back in the bus, I began chatting with my him.  I told him that I am not good speaking Ilocano but I can understand anything.  After awhile, he dozed off again.  I was looking him over when I noticed the bulge in his pants.  He was having an erection. Palalampasin pa ba ang pagkakaton.

So my hand went to work.  First, it was his knees then my hand went up further.  Finding no resistance, I went to his bulge and started fondling his erect penis.  Then I went for his zipper but I was having a hard time but to my surprised, he opened his zip for me.

"Rosario, Rosario" shouted the bus conductor.  Turned out that like us, so many people just took the bus to get a connecting ride in Rosario.

"Baguio na tayo Manong" "OK" I said.

There were very few of us left in the bus so I became bolder and took his penis out.  I fondled it gently and when I can no longer hold it, I went down and took him in my mouth.  It was sex in a hurry.  I was sucking him and he was masturbating himself so he'd cum fast.  He was moaning softly.  I tried to pull his pants lower but he resisted.

"Mabalin nga makibuya" (pwedeng makipanood) the man at the other side of the bus said.  OMG, the bus conductor. "Sige, konti na lang tayo dito tsaka madilim naman" he said in Ilocano.  The bus light has been turned off and the only light we have were those coming from the outside.  "Ibaba mo na yung pantalon mo, ako bahala" he urged,

And so I pulled his pants lower and began sucking his balls and cock.  He also started stroking himself and a minute later, I felt his semen spurting inside my mouth.  He began pulling his pants when the bus conductor said in Ilocano - "Teka, patingin muna ng titi mo, magbabate pa ako"  He was masturbating, oh oh oh as he began fucking his fist. "Tsupain mo siya sige" he said and as I did I heard him say, "ayan na, ayan na ko" Semen began swimming from his cock down to his pants. He stood and leaned towards me "Dilpatanman" (dilaan mo)he said pointing to his still erect cock.  As I was sucking his cock, he told my seatmate who began to stroke himself "Ubing ka pay anya? Awan pay ti urmot mo"  (Bata ka pa ano, halos wala ka pang bulbol).  "Jackpot ka gayyem" (friend)he told me as he began fucking my mouth.  He leaned further and went to touch the still exposed cock of my seatmate "Dakkel ubing" (malaki bata) he said as his cock began spewing semen on my throat.  I licked his head, and swallowed his cock as much as I could.  "Ukinnam" he said, "nalaing ka" (magaling ka) my seatmate thrusting his hip upward a sure sign that he is again cumming.

In Baguio, we were able to get a bus that is bound to Laoag.

"Saan ang baryo mo sa Vigan?" I asked

"Raois Manong" he said.  Shocks, that's where my Mom came from.

"Saan ka sa San Ildefonso Manong?"  "I don't know the name of the barrio but we are near the seaside" I said.

"Mano tawon mon?" it is now only that I noticed that I must have sucked a very young boy.  Kulong pag nagkataon.

"17 Manong"

We parted ways as he alighted in front of a Caltex station in Bantay.


  1. hehe... kris.. suggestion lang.. maganda siguro kung may tagalog translation yung ilokano.. ang hirap hulaan nung sinasabi kahit in-context e.. thnx

  2. Suggestion noted. Salamat sa pagdaan at pagkagusto ng aking istorya. Susubukan kong lagyan ng translation ang iba pero lalagyan ko na yung mga bagong kwento....

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